What is Blue Flag?
You may have seen a Blue Flag flying at the beach but you may not know that the award is also open to marinas, private boat owners and now boat tour operators, and we are incredibly proud to be one of only two boat tour operators in Wales to have received this prestigious flag!


The Blue Flag award has at its core education.  Central to the ideals of the Blue Flag Programme is the aim of connecting the public with their surroundings and encouraging them to learn more about their environment – with our wildlife guides we can do this, educating and promoting this wonderful sensitive unique environment.  We Inform visitors about the Islands they are visiting which is an essential part of the award. This allows visitors  to acess these otherwise inaccessible Pembrokeshire islands and to learn a little more about their surrounding environment.
Through monitoring and stringent criteria and regular spot checks which help to ensure the compliance of Blue Flag sites, we help to maintain a pristine environment.  And last but not least  Safety…. Safety measures are maintained to ensure our staff, visitors and the environment remain safe.

We are guided wildlife trip, and we hold the code that protects these important waters around the Pembrokeshire offshore islands.  Wildlife is our main priority and the protection of our marine life and the environment is top of the list for each trip.  We assist with data collection on our trips too and provide statistical information to Universities and protection groups each season.  Our wildlife guides look to educate and promote this unique marine environment to ensure sustainable tourism for  years to come.


We take you in comfort aboard Ocean Raven.  With 12 individual padded jockey style seats with grab handles, your seating position is comfortable and secure and you move with the boat rather than sliding around on bench seats or hanging on to the sides of tubes. 


Viewing from your seat is unimpeded and we have installed two special seats at the back of the boat to accommodate babes in arms or toddlers.  These seats have room for you and your little one, including life jackets and is a comfortable and safe option for anyone bringing their little children to sea. 


Our lifejackets are slim fitting and self inflating so are unobtrusive to children and adults.  We pride ourselves on making you look and feel the part once you set out to sea and again your comfort is one of our main priorities.


With state of the art navigational and electronic equipment, and of course all the safety gear we have your health and safety covered.  Please let us know if you’d like some further information on any of these aspects.



Exploring Ramsey Island

Exploring Ramsey Island

Sam on Ocean Raven

Common dolphins

Heading home

New seats

Back support

Fun & adventure!

Diving Puffin

Manx Shearwater


Grassholm Gannet

We have been awarded a Blue Flag!