3 Hour Grassholm Whale & Dolphin Adventure

For the adventurer at heart! Heading out to Grassholm and the magnificent colony of 80,000 Gannets we take in the sights and sounds of this offshore Island.  Then venturing further to the Celtic Deep, an area of nutrient rich waters which provide the perfect feeding and breeding grounds for dolphins and a migration route for whales.  The Pembrokeshire coast is renowned for it’s dolphin and whale sightings and whilst we have a great track record, whales and dolphins can’t be guaranteed.  We do however offer a satisfaction guarantee on this trip – ask for more details!

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Adult: £60  |  Child: £30

St Justinians Lifeboat Station for Grassholm & Celtic Deep

Daily mornings or afternoons, weather dependent

Suitable for:
Suitable for older children. All trips depart from St Justinians Lifeboat Station.  A reasonable level of fitness is required as there are steps down and up to board the boat.  Parking is limited.  Use the Celtic Coaster which departs regularly from opposite our Booking Office at the City Hall.

Expect to see

Super pod of Dolphins

Playful up close

Ocean Raven 

Dolphin bliss!

Gannets diving

Dolphins off Grassholm

Gannets off Grassholm

Nesting on Grassholm

Squadron of Gannets

Manx Shearwater

Blue Sky Grassholm

Common Dolphin

When to see

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Grassholm and the offshore whale & dolphin adventure

Our whale and dolphin offshore adventure starts early on the day of departure with a weather and wind check.  Conditions need to be perfect for this fabulous trip with winds of less than 10 miles an hour and a calm sea state essential.  We’ll be in touch the evening before, and everyone will get a call first thing to confirm conditions are good to go.

Grassholm lies 12 miles offshore and can be seen for miles around.   On a sunny clear day it is like a beacon in the sea with it’s white guano covered peak glowing brightly.  It is with good reason there is a lot of guano as 80,000 gannets make Grassholm their home.

We leave St Justinians, usually early in the morning or late in the afternoon and head straight for the offshore colony at Grassholm.  Ocean Raven is fast and comfortable cruising and we make short time of the trip out to Grassholm.  The stretch water in between us is the breeding and feeding ground for Common Dolphins so 14 pairs of eyes are open for these playful creatures.

Before you get close enough to hone in on Grassholm with you will smell it and hear it from quite a distance.  These iconic birds with wingspans of 6 feet circle overhead in huge numbers and their cries pierce the air.

It’s a spectacular sight and we get close in to the cliffs and nesting grounds for fabulous photo opportunities.  Like magpies the nests are adorned with brightly coloured ropes and plastics which they collect from the sea.  A yearly rescue mission takes place to free the chicks that are born into these hazardous nests, with Greg and Lisa heading the team to their second RSPB Island.

Dropping back from the Island we head west to the Celtic Deep.  A rich area of water that provides breeding grounds and nutrient rich feeding areas for the dolphins and migrating whales.

We always answer very honestly when asked are there any whales?  Being the Atlantic it is a vast area and we are out on the water for a relatively small amount of time in the scheme of things – however, we do see whales.  Most likely we will see a Minke Whale and if very lucky it’s a family of Orca. 

Dolphins are very much more likely, however again there are no guarantees.  Yet last season there was only one trip when we did not see either whales or dolphins and we always look at offering a replacement trip in this event.  We also network closely with our other boating colleagues and keep each updated on sightings and positions so you get the best opportunity of a bumper packed adventure.

Dolphins love playing with the boats and will bow ride for as long as we can keep up with them.  These beautiful mammals seem to enjoy the interaction and come very close to the boat on their own accord.  It’s very much all about the dolphins when we find them and an hour flashes by in delight once a pod is spotted.  There might be a few dolphins or a super pod of 100 – we never know and part of the adventure of the trip is never knowing what we might see.

Depending on sightings and you the passengers, we usually call in to Ramsey Island for the visual delights but itinerary for these offshore trips is very much dependent on the day.  Rest assured that your Skipper will make sure that the itinerary is best for you as passengers dependent on the weather etc.

This is the only trip Blue Ocean Adventures runs that we feel younger children are not suited to, so we recommend older children only.  We will let you decide on age but usually its children 12 and older.  Warm clothing, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and a snack (although we stock a good supply of Curly Wurly!) will see you through the 3 hours at sea.  There’s always a spare flask of coffee too.

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Use the Celtic Coaster


Adult: £60  |  Child: £30

Duration: 3 Hour


Adult: £60
Child: £30

Duration: 3 Hour